Located in the La Veleta area of Tulum, Casa Sally is an excellent option for those looking to invest in real estate or find a new home. This 5-bedroom villa is priced at $380,000 USD and offers 3,229 square feet of living space. It is a multi-apartment property, making it ideal for residential living and generating rental income.

Efficient and Spacious Design

Built in December 2015, Casa Sally features an intelligent layout with two independent one-bedroom apartments on the ground floor and a three-bedroom penthouse on the top floor. The ground-floor apartments each have a bedroom, a bathroom, and large living areas open to a garden, providing a relaxing environment.

The penthouse is the property’s highlight, with its high ceilings and abundant natural light in the living and kitchen areas. It also includes a large balcony surrounded by trees, offering a private outdoor space. The main bedroom in the penthouse faces the street, giving a glimpse into the lively local atmosphere.

Convenient Location and Amenities

Casa Sally is well situated close to the commercial center of La Veleta but far enough to maintain a quiet living environment. The property details include:

  • The land is about 3,229 square feet, and 1,851 square feet of indoor living space are on each floor.
  • A rooftop area that features a laundry room.
  • A garden area with easy-to-maintain greenery.
  • Fully furnished apartments that are ready for immediate use.
  • No homeowners association fees and a low annual tax of 748 pesos.

Investment Potential

The property’s setup with multiple apartments offers flexibility for various uses, including living in one unit while renting out the others. The absence of association fees and low annual taxes make it an economical investment. Tulum’s popularity among tourists and expatriates makes it a promising area for rental properties.

Casa Sally represents a practical and appealing opportunity for anyone looking to buy a home or invest in Tulum. Its strategic location, thoughtful design, and attractive price meet the needs of homeowners seeking a peaceful environment and investors looking for rental income. If you’re considering a property in Tulum, Casa Sally is worth your consideration for its blend of convenience, comfort, and potential.

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