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Owner & Broker Jason Waller Portrait

Jason Waller
Owner & Broker

My name is Jason Waller, and I am the Broker for Playa Real Estate Group & Riviera Maya Real Estate Group. I moved to Playa del Carmen in 2005 with my family from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We loaded up our Dodge Ram PU with a few essentials and left Winnipeg at the end of July. And only 7 exceptionally long days later we arrived in Playa del Carmen, ready to start a new life in paradise.

Now fast forward 16 years later and I cannot believe that I am running one of the top real estate teams in the Riviera Maya and genuinely enjoying life in paradise. Although I do miss the Winters and the -40C temperatures but I am a trooper and will get past that……LOL

We built these companies to help others like ourselves. I really want to be able to share this amazing place with everyone that wants to make a change in their life and at least have a place they can spend as much time as possible. We have made so many friends from all over the world and look forward to making even more.

Our whole team is here to help you make your dream a reality!

Agent Tracy Portrait

Tracy Beitz
Real Estate Expert

Hi! My name is Tracy. I’m a Canadian who has been Caribbean obsessed since I saw my first palm tree and Caribbean Sea. After working as an Engineer in the Cayman Islands for years, I made my way to Belize and then ultimately to Playa Del Carmen. My children and I were drawn to the beauty of the Riviera Maya and all it has to offer. The Caribbean lifestyle and climate here allows me to indulge in many of my passions, spending time on the beaches in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, beach running, Crossfit, visiting cenotes, discovering new restaurants and beach clubs with friends, in search of the perfect Margarita.

Agent Mike Portrait

Mike Burgoyne
Real Estate Expert

I moved to the Riviera Maya in 2015 and have loved every day since. My wife and I both grew up in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. We spent 13 years in Edmonton, AB and started our family there, before finally taking the big step of selling our home and moving to Mexico with our young kids. We first vacationed, before kids, in Playa del Carmen in 2006 and really fell in love with the area. So much so, that we just kept coming back and getting more and more comfortable here.

After each trip to Playa del Carmen, we would return home and still have to endure another month or 2 of snow and cold. We had enough. Since moving here, we are living better, with less stress, so much more time outdoors and really enjoying every day. I wear shorts and flip flops. Everyday. The biggest reasons for the move was the weather, the cost of living and the lifestyle. The pace of life here is just so much better.

We live in the beautiful, gated community of Puerto Aventuras, and as a place for raising a family, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The kids ride their bikes to their friends’ place, to tennis, to the school or to the market if we need to send them off for something. I wouldn’t feel very comfortable doing that at home with a 10 and 12-year-old. Sometimes they miss playing ice hockey, but they’ve made some great friends here who love to play ball hockey, so they still get their fix! And then there are the dogs ’they’ rescued since we’ve been here… a 3-legged tiny Chihuahua and another Chihuahua mix.

As far as the Riviera Maya as our destination, it’s just so beautiful 12 months of the year and super accessible through the Cancun International airport. There is something like 60 airlines now flying into Cancun from all over the world. I’ve become a certified scuba diver, taken up paddle boarding, snorkeling ALL the time, the tacos are great (especially with habanero salsa) and the beer is cold! We seem to take a mini vacation every couple of months having already visited Bacalar, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Chetumal, Laguna Milagros, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Holbox, Cancun (for the Costco run) and even Belize. And with amazing natural cenotes and local parks we’ve been to, like Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xenses, Xoximilco and the dozens of others we still haven’t been to, it’s impossible to get bored here.

There are not many things we miss from home, except of course for friends and family. But nobody seems to mind coming to visit us. And for the ’things’ we can’t seem to find locally, there’s always Amazon to the rescue.

So, what are you waiting for? Send me a WhatsApp (+52-1-984-142-9494) and introduce yourself, or email me if you prefer

I know it’s sometimes hard to find time to get down here, but if you can find 4 days to get away, I can help you book a discovery visit for 2 people, to stay at an all-inclusive resort here in Playa del Carmen for only $600. In my 4+ years here, the only people who can’t get away for 3 nights to come to check out real estate here with me, are those who don’t really want to 🙂

Agent Gaby Portrait

Gaby Ortiz
Real Estate Expert

Hola soy Gaby, soy Chilena , llegué a playa del Carmen hace 18 años y me enamoré de su energía, sus playas y su gente de todas las nacionalidades. Disfruto de la playa, hacer yoga, las actividades al aire libre , los cenotes , pasear por los pueblitos de yucatan y sus delicias culinarias!! Y porsupesto, los festivales de música, tan populares en Playa y Tulum.

Hi! My name is Gaby and I am originally from Chile, I arrived here 18 years ago and fall in love with Playa’s energy, the beach and the people, from all over the world. I enjoy the beach, yoga, pilates, outdoor activities, cenotes / caves and driving to little Yucatan towns to enjoy their food!!!..And of course, I like the popular music festivals, organized in Playa and Tulum.😊

Agent Tony Portrait

Tony Rabachuk
Real Estate Expert

Hi there, my name is Tony Rabachuk. I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario and then later moved to beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I worked in home renovations, contracting and maintenance in Canada for several years. Frequent visits to Mexico made me realize this is the place I would love to live. Living here now full-time for and proudly a Real Estate Adviser with the Playa Real Estate Group. Since prior education taught me an abundance about home construction, decor and value I found it easy to switch careers and sell properties. So here I am living my dream in the beautiful Caribbean, selling the same dream to my clients that are looking for a relaxing alternative lifestyle.

My personal interest in my spare time would be surrounded by nature either in the ocean swimming with natural sea life or in the jungle amongst the wild animals. My hobbies include playing drums and I’d like to transform and restore old items such as cars and houses. I love restorations of any sort and I like fixing things. I enjoy the comfort of good friends and family time is very important. I appreciate life day by day and always planning for the future. I am very goal orientated so always working on new projects and pushing my limits. I am here now to show and share my experiences with like-minded people who are looking for the Caribbean lifestyle.

“My Dream is to Help You Find Yours”

Agent Pilar Portrait

Pilar Andrade
Seller's Representative

My name is Pilar Andrade. I was born and raised in Mexico City. I am passionate about studying new languages as well as knowing and learning about different cultures. I studied a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and earned a Diploma in International Business and Text Translation.

I spent several years working at the Internal Communications area in a Financial Institution. Contributing to the fulfillment of the team’s objectives through the implementation of communication campaigns and participating in the edition of the bank's bulletin and the corporate intranet were a few of the responsibilities I enjoyed the most.

When my two children were born, I dedicated myself to being a full-time parent while working as a translator and tutoring students who needed help with their homework. I love the energy of young learners and the lessons they teach us. Nine years ago, my husband and I decided to relocate to Playa del Carmen with our two kids and we discovered a wonderful community of people from different parts of Mexico and the world. This year I joined the amazing team of Playa Real Estate Group, working as a seller's representative. I have been learning so much from the wonderful team of professionals that compose it. I really enjoy helping our clients to sell their properties promoting these among the network of real estate agents in the area and fb groups.

I highly value belonging to this group where we all work as a team seeking the best benefit for our clients.

Agent Aimee Portrait

Aimee Rojas
Real Estate Expert

Hola amigos, my name is Aimee Rojas, I was born in Mexico City, I speak English and Spanish. I moved to Playa del Carmen 20 years ago I fell in love with its people, culture, beaches, wonderful nature, infinite starry skies and a magic vibes and energy. I saw it grow and I grew at the same time on a professional bases and personal. I am proud to be part of the most important destination in my country.

Agent Jorge Portrait

Jorge Guarin
Tulum Real Estate Expert

My name is Jorge Guarin; known in the business as The King of the Jungle. I moved to Tulum four years ago with two objectives. The first one is to enjoy life to the fullest, so far, I have been successful; I go to the beach almost every day, eat more amazing food than I should, and I am part of a wonderful cosmopolitan community. My second objective is to help others also enjoy life to the fullest; I accomplish this through my job, by guiding people like YOU to their ideal property in the Riviera Maya, and by using my background in Sustainable Urban Development to help preserve this paradise for generations to come.

Let´s find your piece of paradise!

Agent Max Portrait

Max Bertron
Tulum Real Estate Expert

Hi everyone! My name is Maxime, and I am French, originally from Angers. I first came in Mexico in 2016, during a university exchange, and it’s at this moment that I fell in love with this beautiful country, its culture, its landscape, it’s food and its incredible people.

After 4 months I had to go back in France to complete my master’s degree, but during the next 3 years, one thought never left my mind: going back in Mexico to live the Caribbean dream.

So, in 2019, I packed my suitcase, direction Mexico and especially Tulum, for its unique and marveling nature, and since then, I never left. I found my happy place here and it will be pleasure for me to help you find yours.

Agent Jenni Portrait

Jenni Black
Real Estate Expert

Hi, my name is Jenni, I am a Canadian living the dream here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I originally grew up in the sunny Okanagan just outside of Vernon, BC and lived in Calgary for many years as well.

My adventures here began in 2010 when I visited for the first time and absolutely fell in love with the Riviera Maya. From the white sandy beaches to the turquoise waters, mystical cenotes, and vibrant energy of Fifth Avenue, I knew I had found paradise.

Fast forward 8 years later and after many visits to the area, I decided to make a permanent move, say goodbye to the cold winters, and fulfill my dreams of living in the Caribbean. My two cats and I embarked on the journey from Calgary, Alberta and my career in real estate began shortly after my arrival.

Having always worked in sales and customer service focused positions, my passion has always been in helping others.

This now combined with finding ideal properties for my clients has me beyond grateful for one of the best careers in the world. Nothing makes me happier than helping others achieve their dreams like I have, by living or investing in the Mexican Caribbean.

Here in my spare time, you can find me volunteering at one of the local dog shelters, enjoying the sights and sounds of Fifth Avenue, attending different expats events, and keeping in shape with yoga and weight training for any down time I get to enjoy on the beach. I soon aspire to become a certified scuba diver to fully appreciate even more of the beauty in this magical place we get to call home.